The New Viagra for Women in 2019: Does it exist?

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female viagra price order purchaseThe well known medication, Viagra, prescribed for the treatment of Impotence in males has been also proved to work for women who experience troubles with sexuality and libido.

The active agent in Viagra, sildenafil citrate, has been tested and found to improve the inflow of blood to the vagina receptors, thereby offering a solution to those females who experience sexual dysfunction.

The medicine comes in pink tablets to distinguish that they are created for use by women.

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A brand new ‘Female Viagra’ (generic name Flibanserin) was approved by the FDA on Aug 18, 2015. Flibanserin has been developed by Sprout Pharmaceuticals. This medicine was initially investigated as an antidepressant.


Laboratory Data

Studies were carried out between 2007 and 2013 on the effects that generic sildenafil had on women who had been diagnosed with Sexual Arousal Disorder (simply frigidity).

It was found that the medication increased the levels of arousal for sex in the females tested and it also helped them achieve better orgasms.

Prior to taking sildenafil, these women were unable to achieve adequate sexual arousal during sexual activity due to a lack of lubrication and reduced blood inflow to the vaginal area.

It was also found during these trials that ladies experiencing psychological and emotional issues were not helped by the drug.

These women had been diagnosed with sexual desire abnormalities which caused a reduction in the desire for sexual activity due to various mental and emotional issues.

The conclusion of the trial was the following: certain proportion (60%) of women improved their sexuality by taking Viagra for Females.


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The Sexual Process

Generic Viagra for Women

Generic Viagra for Women

The proactive agent in sildenafil citrate, contains an enzyme called the PDE5 inhibitor. The PDE5 amino acid is released naturally in the body to help control a substance called nitric oxide (NO).

When a person is sexually stimulated, NO is released so that the arteries feeding the pelvic area are relaxed which in turn allows more blood to inflow into the areas being stimulated.

If the PDE5 substance didn’t exist to counterbalance the NO, both males and females could experience unlimited sexual arousal in their penis and vagina respectively. Therefore, the entire arousal process is regulated by the PDE inhibitor.

PDE inhibitors temporarily block the enzymes that control NO so that blood inflow is both improved and maintained for a longer period of time, thereby improving sexual performance.

When the effects of this substance diminish, the PDE5 enzymes are allowed to do their job of suppressing the nitric oxide.

This process, in turn, causes arteries in the pelvic area to narrow, reducing the inflow of blood into the genital area and diminishing penis or vaginal erection.

Viagra (generic canadian online viagra sildenafil 2018) has been found to be successful at blocking PDE5 enzymes in both males and females and, thereby usable by both sexes. It should be added that Viagra does not produce sexual desire in the people who use it.


The medicine will improve your sexual performance, but a natural sexual drive must be present in both men and women in order for the pill to work.


The Reason Women Face Sexual Performance Problems

As with gentlemen, a woman’s inability to excite sexually is caused by an inadequate blood flow to the vaginal area during sexual encounters.

This lack of blood causes issues with dryness since blood entering the vagina and clitoris is key in producing lubrication and it decreases vaginal sensitivity as well.

All gynecologists know that two elements play crucial roles in the sexuality of women, the cGMP and NO chemicals, which both act to neurologically steady the vaginal area so that sexual satisfaction comes.

Both problems can be treated by using Viagra for Women due to the proactive agent, sildenafil citrate, improving the supply of blood to the vagina and related sexual organs. It is now a fact that a greater supply of blood to the pelvic area increases sexual senses.


Viagra® for Men

Viagra® is an officially patented name for sildenafil used to treat erectile dysfunction in male patients in the USA.

Pfizer has stated officially that official Viagra pill does not treat sexual disorders in women and the company does not yet produce a brand Viagra for Women, although they are in the process of investigating such medicine.

The stages of drug study, approval and manufacture can be a long process. Therefore, Viagra for Women does not yet officially exist in the USA or Europe.

However, pink pills for treating women’s sexual problems that are based on the active ingredient sildenafil citrate are manufactured generically by companies operating in China and India. This medication is generally known as Pink Female Viagra.

This came about due to the 2007 through 2013 studies that demonstrated that sildenafil citrate had positive effects in women with certain sexual disorders related to a poor blood supply to the vagina.

Companies in China took those results and manufactured the pink sildenafil citrate tablets in order to treat such dysfunctions.

Although Viagra for Women had not been endorsed by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration, it is distributed through companies in China and India.

Important Information about Viagra

Viagra is designed to help treat those with sexual disorders stemming from a lack of blood supply to the genitals. However, there are some important facts to know about the drug before using it.

First of all, those that have been diagnosed with or have a history of serious problems with the heart should not take sildenafil citrate. It should also not be taken with medications, grapefruit juice, or any other substances that possess nitrates.

Women that have become pregnant or that breastfeed should not take Viagra because it can adversely affect developing fetuses or young children. It is also a myth that Viagra can prevent you from becoming pregnant. It does not.


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